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temperate rainforest

Restoring Scotland’s ancient forest

Having read a little about rewilding in the last few weeks, I’ve been looking into charities and groups specialising in that area. An obvious place to start is the Scottish re-forestation charity Trees for Life, which George Monbiot describes as Britain’s most ambitious rewilding project. The Caledonian forest once covered most of the Highlands. It […]

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Three forms of denial

This week I’ve been reading John Foster’s book After Sustainability. He approaches the issue of climate change as a philosopher, and he’s convinced that denial is not just something that the bad guys do. We’re all involved in a complex culture of denial, he suggests, and climate activists are as likely to be caught up […]

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I’m in Edinburgh this week, catching the end of the festival and visiting family. Actually we’ve been here a few days already, so if you’re wondering why I’ve been ignoring your comments, it’s because I’m taking the boy to see Cat in the Hat or some such thing. Normal posting will resume next week. Thanks.

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carnival kingdom

Book review: Carnival Kingdom

I don’t review many Christian books on the blog here, but I recently finished a collection of essays from the JusTice initiative called Carnival Kingdom. I’m going to mention this one because I love the premise of the book: it’s all about working for social justice by being ‘positively subversive’, drawing on the cultural theory […]

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What we learned this week

The tailing ponds at Mount Polley gold mine in Canada have burst their banks – a huge environmental disaster that has gone almost completely unreported. The town of Duindorp in the Netherlands uses a heat transfer system to create renewable heat out of seawater. Belize is deploying conservation drones to patrol its waters for illegal […]

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brighton waste house

Building of the week: the waste house

Most houses are made to be lived in. Some of the ones I’ve written about here are more experimental, and this week’s building is practically a work of art. It’s a statement about our throwaway society, and the potential usefulness of waste. The Waste House has been built by students at the University of Brighton, […]

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The Good Country Index

There are lots of different ways for countries to measure their progress, how well they’re serving their citizens. GDP remains the index to rule them all of course, but there’s no shortage of other metrics to track a fuller definition of progress, from literacy and health to environmental performance. But, what’s been missing all this […]

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Natural disasters by decade

I’ve written several times about the rise in the number of natural disasters, but we just got a detailed look at the problem from the World Meteorological Organisation. This summer they’ve published The Atlas of Mortality and Economic Losses from Weather, Climate and Water Extremes (1970–2012) as a summary of what is happening around the […]

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The difference between conservation and rewilding

Last week I reviewed George Monbiot’s book on rewilding, Feral. It’s a book I’ve found very thought provoking, because I hadn’t really considered rewilding seriously before. I hadn’t grasped that it is a distinct philosophy with its own organisations, and while it overlaps with conservation in many ways, it is different in its aims. The […]

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The vicious cycle of inequality

Inequality is a growing political topic. An increasing number of people are beginning to recognise how it affects our society, economy and democracy. We’re yet to see a politician or party really run with it ahead of the elections next year, but it’s a rising priority and can’t be ignored. What we do about inequality […]

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