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urban transport

Urban Transport Without the Hot Air, by Steve Melia

If you’ve had anything to do with renewable energy, attempted to read up on it or had to make a presentation about it, chances are you’ve come across David McKay’s book Sustainable Energy Without the Hot Air. It’s one of the go-to texts on the subject, a clear-headed appraisal of various technologies and approaches and […]

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niells bugge award

Let’s make environmentalism obsolete

Allow me to float an idea past you. Something I’ve been thinking about over the last few weeks. I’d be interested to know if it resonates with anyone. It strikes me that environmentalism is an odd thing – an ideology or social movement around the protection of the earth. When you think about it, it […]

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Oil Fields In Northern Iraq Try To Reach Maximum Production capacity.

Saudi Arabia’s future beyond fossil fuels

Last week was the Business and Climate Summit in Paris, and among the panels of CEOs and their warm words was a rather surprising announcement from Saudi Arabia. Their oil minister, Ali al-Naimi, admitted that the era of fossil fuels will come to an end. “In Saudi Arabia, we recognise that one of these days, […]

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Why is progress so slow?

When you spend a lot of time working towards sustainability and social justice, it can seem strange that progress is so slow. Why is it so hard to get agreement on climate change, so long after the science has been accepted? How do we put up with chronic global poverty when there are so many […]

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solar heating

Off grid solar heating

I’ve been looking at renewable heat recently, the next priority after decarbonising our electricity supply. There are all sorts of ideas for district heating or hybrid systems out there, but the most inspiring idea I’ve come across so far is the off grid solar furnace. It’s been perfected by a renewable energy pioneer called Henry […]

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free mark scandrette

Book review: Free, by Mark Scandrette

We’re doing a project at work with Mark Scandrette next month, so I’ve been reading his books. I thought I’d mention this one, as its themes chime rather well with the message of the blog. Free: Spending your time and money on what matters most is all about simplifying your life around what is most […]

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What we learned this week

Foreign Affairs magazine has a new website and it looks great. While you’re there, this is a very good article on Trident. If we do scrap our nuclear weapons, perhaps we could adopt the rather amusing Singing Sailor Subsurface Defense System that a Swedish peace campaign has just installed. Tuvalu’s pavilion in the Venice Biennale […]

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the world beyond your head

Innovative advertising or attentional hijacking?

Here’s a novel advertising campaign that won a Golden Lion award at Cannes a couple of years ago. I’ll let the company explain it in their own terms: How you feel about this campaign may well depend on how much you like Dunkin Donuts, but it’s an interesting one. As far as the marketing company […]

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world beyond your head

The World Beyond Your Head, by Matthew Crawford

Matthew Crawford is a philosopher and a mechanic, dividing his time between the University of Virginia and his motorbike workshop. As you might expect, this unique combination gives rise to a philosophy that is rooted in material things, a counter-cultural perspective that elevates manual work and craftsmanship. Crawford has a writing style to match, highly […]

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From mines to turbines

Here’s an inspiring new campaign from 10:10, who tell the story of how a former mining town is now rallying around community energy. But the rules currently restrict local communities from fully benefiting from the energy projects that they fund and install. As a new government comes in, we have an opportunity to update the […]

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