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Building of the week: the Waterbank School

A couple of weeks ago I took a tour of our local primary school, getting ready to send Zach there next year. It’s part of the eco-school programme, I was pleased to discover. There’s solar and wind power onsite, kitchen gardens, chickens and composting bins, all looked after by the children. They’re doing a fine […]

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live rich

Live Rich

Have you got room in your day for a bit of spoken word performance on consumerism and our relationship with money? I think so. This is from Gary Turk, and you can see more of his work on his website or Youtube channel. From my own perspective, I’d just add one thing to the film. […]

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Shell’s carbon emissions vs their carbon capture

The other week I mentioned the rash of fossil fuel company billboards on the streets at the moment. Here’s another. Outside Luton station, we are currently blessed with this billboard: It’s a visually striking ad, for sure. Nice juxtaposition of round and triangular shapes, strong red colours. I like the way they’ve made the bubble […]

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Pocket money loans for kids!

There’s something new on the high street today, as the first pocket money loan shop for children opens in Finsbury Park. Or should I say Funsbury Park, since local children will no longer have to wait for all that their little hearts desire. Just pop in or get your pocket money loan online, and you […]

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arts center

Building of the week – Greensburg

In May 2007, a tornado swept through the small town of Greensburg, Kansas. It left it devastated, destroying or severely damaging 95% of the buildings. As the dust settled, the community came to terms with the fact that they basically needed to rebuild the entire town from scratch. Despite the urgency of providing new homes […]

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Guest post: Seven billion escapologists

Robert Wringham is the editor of the New Escapologist. Last year he republished an essay of mine on the Citizen’s Income, and today I’m returning the favour. Robert is currently crowdfunding his new book, Escape Everything, all about how to escape from drudgery, consumerism and despair. This excerpt is from the afterword, which ponders the […]

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this changes everything

Book review: This changes everything, by Naomi Klein

After her previous books on consumerism and disaster capitalism, the transformative ‘this’ of Naomi Klein’s latest book is climate change. It will change everything, either by changing the planet, or by us changing society and the economy in radical ways. There are no get out of jail free cards, Klein argues – no new dawn […]

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The not-for-profit world our hearts know is possible

This month I finally got to meet Donnie Maclurcan of the Postgrowth Institute. His recent speaking tour brought him to South Bank University, five minutes from my office, and I got along to a public lecture called ‘the not-for-profit world our hearts know is possible’. In a nutshell, Donnie’s hypothesis is that the not-for-profit world […]

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Charting the decline of the world’s wildlife

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned the Living Planet Report and wrote that it contains two of the most important graphs in the world. The first shows the earth’s biocapacity and how we are overshooting it. The second is this one: This is the Living Planet Index. The index takes trends in 10,380 different […]

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battery storage

Building of the week: the Tehachapi battery

Renewable energy technology is moving fast. The price of solar PV has plunged in recent years, and the cost of wind turbines is falling too. Grid parity beckons, but the more renewable energy there is in the grid, the more balancing there will need to be to cope with intermittency. The output from solar panels […]

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