this blog is not for sale

From time to time advertisers get in touch with us about placing adverts here on Make Wealth History. I’ve always declined, but since the requests are becoming a bit more frequent these days I thought it was worth articulating some guidelines. It could be a simple ‘no ads’ policy, but there may be services or causes that we want to promote, so I don’t want to close the door entirely. If you’re interested in placing an ad on the blog, here’s what you need to know.

  • We have strong views on consumerism. We won’t feature any advertising we can’t control, like Google Adsense. Since WordPress displays ads occasionally, it actually costs me money to keep these off the site.
  • We’re committed to a lifestyle that can tell the difference between needs and wants. We won’t place any ads that muddy those waters.
  • We’re committed to truth telling. As a matter of integrity that precludes the buying of posts, and surreptitious text ads within blog posts, two forms of stealth advertising we’ve declined at various points.
  • We won’t promote anything that isn’t socially and environmentally responsible, from the sourcing of materials, through to production, use, and disposal.

Some things we can do:

  • We like generosity. If you want to give good things away to our readers, that’s fine by us. We can run a little competition if you like.
  • We already review books, and relevant films or exhibitions as they come up. I buy, borrow or bookmooch my own stuff at the moment, but you can send us review material and we’ll give it our honest opinion.
  • There are lots of causes, campaigns, and organisations that share a similar ethos to Make Wealth History. We will place occasional ads for such people. They are likely to be free.
These guidelines are a work in progress. We’ll refine tham as we go along. If you have a question, drop me an email – jeremy (at)


One Comment on “this blog is not for sale”

  1. Neil Boorman September 23, 2008 at 8:40 pm #

    Hello Jeremy / Paul
    just wanted to say congratulations on your splendid blog. I’m always meaning to get in touch to say so, and also to thank you for linking to my site (i’ll reciprocate when I have my site re-skinned this month) but I’ve not had much to give you guys for a while.

    Anyhow, I’ve been bitten by the video activist bug. here’s my first foray.. hope it tickles your fancy…


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