Campaigns and actions

Most of Make Wealth History is here on the blog, but we believe in action too. We thought long and hard about where to put our energy, whether or not we should join a political party or a campaigning organisation.

Transition towns
In the end, the Transition Town movement seemed the most compelling way to do something practical and tangible. It addresses so many of our concerns at once, from climate change and peak oil to re-localization and organic farming. Jeremy helped to found a transition group in his home town of  St Albans, and then found enough like-minded people to set up Transition Luton, which is where his energy goes now.

We’re also involved in Breathe, a Christian network for simpler living. Breathe seeks to inspire more thoughtful, more generous ways of living in a consumer society. You can visit the website here, sign up for the newsletter, and look out for our annual conference in the spring.

The unfairtrade logo
This one’s our own little (somewhat tongue-in-cheek) idea. We developed an ‘unfairtrade’ logo to complement the fairtrade one, and offered it around various companies. They declined to use it…

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