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Book review: Overdevelopment, Overpopulation, Overshoot

A few weeks ago I received a copy of Overdevelopment, Overpopulation, Overshoot in the post. Overweight, one could add to that list – this is a hefty tome. The Population Media Center must be spending a fortune posting these things out. The book is a coffee-table style volume about population and its impact on the […]

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10 effective altruism websites

Last week I reviewed Peter Singer’s book The Most Good You Can Do, which introduces the emerging effective altruism movement. It’s a subject I’d like to know more about, so I’ve been looking up some of the many organisations the book mentions. If you share my interest, here’s a round-up of various groups and projects […]

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Give Directly – the direct way to reach the poorest

A billion people still live on less than $1.25 a day. It’s a slowly decreasing number, and there are any number of programmes to accelerate that decline. One of the most straightforward is cash transfers – just giving poor people a sum of money. It’s an idea that gets all sorts of knee-jerk reactions, usually […]

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Could you host a Little Free Library?

Here’s an idea I heard about for the first time this week, and which is worth sharing: Little Free Libraries. I’ve come across free book shelves in pubs and cafes, B&Bs, or Bookmooch and Bookcrossing website. Little free libraries are a little different, as people put them up in their own front gardens. The first […]

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10 reasons to depave your city

Near my Luton office there’s a junction that scores highly on the unnecessary paving scale. It’s out the back of the mall, so there’s a vast blank wall above it too, a concrete landscape with no room for life. Nature being what it is, it makes use of every nook and cranny regardless, but it’s […]

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we are many

We Are Many – the biggest protest in history

A new documentary opens in cinemas in the UK tonight, We Are Many. It tells the story of the protests against the Iraq war in 2003, when millions of people across every continent marched to declare that war would not be in their name. As we all know, the war went ahead regardless, but the […]

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Why is progress so slow?

When you spend a lot of time working towards sustainability and social justice, it can seem strange that progress is so slow. Why is it so hard to get agreement on climate change, so long after the science has been accepted? How do we put up with chronic global poverty when there are so many […]

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An Ecomodernist Manifesto

Having reviewed a book on the postgrowth society last week, I thought I’d mention something that comes from the other end of the spectrum this week. A number of high profile environmentalists released a statement last week called An Ecomodernist Manifesto. Signatories include Steward Brand, Roger Pielke, Mark Lynas, and a number of other academics […]

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The gardeners of Elephant and Castle

On my way to my London office, which I frequent a couple of times a week, I get off the train and walk through Elephant and Castle. It’s a distinctive and slightly odd part of the city, dominated by a down-at-heel shopping centre and an enormous roundabout. I actually quite like the shopping centre, which […]

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Shareholder activism or divestment?

In a couple of weeks the inaugural Global Divestment Day will take place, calling on investors and organizations to divest from fossil fuels. Universities have been the main target of the divestment campaign so far, and I was pleased to see that my local Bedfordshire University is the second in the country to sign up. […]

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