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eco church

Two ways to engage your church in climate action

Over the last few years there has been a growing engagement with climate change in church circles, including the Pope’s intervention and the church getting involved in divestment. 2016 has started strongly too, with two initiatives looking to mobilise UK churches in climate action. The first is Eco Church, which is an award scheme for […]

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Communicating the climate visually

A few years ago I ran a short series on communicating environmental issues visually, looking for original ideas. We all know the cliches – polar bears, melting ice, the earth from space. These images aren’t good enough. They are distant, abstract, and unengaging. They don’t suggest that climate change has anything to do with us, […]

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Nozzle warnings

Warning: this product causes climate change

Until very recently, Canada’s record on climate change was pretty shameful, compromised by the siren call of the tar sands. That’s changed rapidly with the election of Justin Trudeau, and Canada surprised the climate talks by coming out in favour of a 1.5 degrees warming target this week. Behind the scenes though, Canada’s regions and […]

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climate march

Why I’m joining the climate march on Sunday

Tomorrow I was due to board the Eurostar to Paris for the climate march, in the company of friends and supporters of Tearfund. That’s not going to happen now, after recent events in Paris and the ongoing state of emergency. But I’ll tell you why I was going, and why I’ll be joining the march […]

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utah tar sands

The significance of the Keystone XL victory

Because the Keystone XL pipeline is an American issue, we haven’t heard much about it here in the UK, and certainly haven’t had the opportunity to join in the protests in the same way. So it’s easy to miss just how significant the whole affair has been, in building the US climate movement, and in […]

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Are Greenpeace about to buy a coal mine?

This isn’t something I’ve heard much about from Greenpeace yet, presumably because it’s happening in their Swedish office, but there’s been an odd little story simmering away over the last month: Greenpeace have been debating whether or not to move into coal. Swedish energy company Vattenfall AB is one of the first energy companies to […]

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Spiritual activism, by Alastair McIntosh and Matt Carmichael

What can spirituality contribute to activism? That’s the central question of Spiritual Activism, the new book by Alastair McIntosh and Matt Carmichael. It’s a question that will immediately resonate with some and alienate others, but the deeper you get into the book, the more obvious it becomes that this isn’t a niche concern. “To be […]

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It’s Free Money Day

On this day seven years ago, Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy, precipitating a global financial crisis. So it’s a fitting day to hold an annual antidote to the rampant greed that caused the crash. On Free Money Day, people go out in the streets and give away their own money to strangers. It’s no doubt […]

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effective altruism

Where is effective altruism going?

One of the interesting emerging movements that I have my eye on at the moment is Effective Altruism (EA for short). This is a new form of philanthropy that looks to do the most good possible. Effective altruists give as much of their income as they can, and they think carefully about how they give […]

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The Uncertainty Handbook

The Climate Outreach and Information Network (COIN) is a charity that works on communicating climate change. They have specialised in finding messages that engage different audiences, and overcoming obstacles to understanding and acting on climate science. They have a specific expertise that should be of real value to the wider movement – when a big […]

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