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learning with nature

Book review: Learning with Nature

I’ve written before about ‘nature deficit disorder’, and the way that 21st century children have far fewer opportunities to encounter nature than previous generations. Without access to wild spaces, children live sedentary lives, with all the associated health problems. They lack freedom and adventure, and make up for it in screen time. And they risk […]

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human politics human value

Human Politics, Human Value, by Martin Whitlock

If you read a lot of books on politics or economics, you can generally tell where an author is coming from within the first chapter or so. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, and a good book will strengthen the tradition it stands within and push forward that perspective. Uncategorisable books are more rare, but […]

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rethinking the city

Rethinking the City, by Steven Liaros

“We are at a unique point in human history” says Steven Liaros. “With economic and environmental crises peaking at the moment of the ‘virtual revolution’ there is a growing sense that, as Voltaire himself said: ‘the present is pregnant with the future.’” Rethinking the City is an overview of this moment and some of the […]

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Guest post: Seven billion escapologists

Robert Wringham is the editor of the New Escapologist. Last year he republished an essay of mine on the Citizen’s Income, and today I’m returning the favour. Robert is currently crowdfunding his new book, Escape Everything, all about how to escape from drudgery, consumerism and despair. This excerpt is from the afterword, which ponders the […]

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this changes everything

Book review: This changes everything, by Naomi Klein

After her previous books on consumerism and disaster capitalism, the transformative ‘this’ of Naomi Klein’s latest book is climate change. It will change everything, either by changing the planet, or by us changing society and the economy in radical ways. There are no get out of jail free cards, Klein argues – no new dawn […]

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simple living in history

Book review: Simple Living in History

Simple living, paring back our lives to focus on the things that matter most, is not a new idea. All through history people have advocated simpler living – for happiness, for virtue, for God, or for the earth. It’s always been there in our wisdom traditions. It may be more important now than it has […]

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after sustainability

After Sustainability, by John Foster

Over the years there have been a number of notable books on climate change that have bucked the trend and taken the view that the climate can’t be saved. Clive Hamilton’s Requiem for a Species is one, Hell and High Water by Alistair McIntosh is another. Paul Kingsnorth didn’t give us a book, but hung […]

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carnival kingdom

Book review: Carnival Kingdom

I don’t review many Christian books on the blog here, but I recently finished a collection of essays from the JusTice initiative called Carnival Kingdom. I’m going to mention this one because I love the premise of the book: it’s all about working for social justice by being ‘positively subversive’, drawing on the cultural theory […]

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Book review: Feral, by George Monbiot

George Monbiot is an investigative journalist and columnist by trade, and he is loved and loathed in equal measure for his views on social justice and the environment. His original training was in zoology however, and Feral finds him on his home turf. It’s a book about rewilding – the rewilding of nature, but also […]

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connect with nature

How to connect with nature, by Tristan Gooley

A couple of weeks ago I was out early for a breakfast radio show, and I happened to hear a guy on the radio talking about the art of finding your way in the world without the help of man-made devices. He was an expert on ‘natural navigation’, orienting yourself entirely with the signs and […]

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