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15 global challenges for humanity

There are lots of ways you could summarise the most pressing questions of this century and draw up a list of priorities. The UN’s post-2015 agenda is one example, outlining a to-do list to replace the Millennium Development Goals. Here’s another, taken from the State of the Future report by the Millennium Project. They update […]

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Energy poverty in a single graphic

A couple of weeks ago I posted a striking graphic about energy poverty from the Center for Global Development. Here’s another from the same set of graphics: A third of the world’s population doesn’t have access to cheap energy. Progress is so slow that unless things speed up considerably, there will still be  900 million […]

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Visualising global energy inequality

A third of the world’s population doesn’t have access to affordable electricity, and that presents us with one of the development conundrums of our era – how to deliver energy for everyone without destroying the climate in the process. Part of that is leapfrogging technologies that will see countries in the global south adopt renewable […]

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We can afford to end poverty

I wrote about Giving What We Can a couple of years ago, but they got in touch today and I thought I’d mention them again. Giving What We Can is a network of people who have pledged to give away 10% of their incomes to the charities making the biggest difference. The website has details […]

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Thinking differently about poverty

There was a little bit of news that you might not have noticed this month. For the first time since the Second World War, the Red Cross will be starting a food aid programme in the UK. It’s not a big initiative, but it’s perhaps a symbolic one, a reminder that poverty in Britain is […]

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water use infographic

How much water do you use?

This is the latest infographic from Practical Action, one of my favourite charities. I’m not posting it to highlight how much water we use, more to remind us how fortunate we are to have clean water in the first place.

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David Cameron on corruption

Ahead of the G8 summit earlier this summer, David Cameron hosted a pre-event on development. I read his speech the other day, and I was pleased to find him tackling the issue of corruption. “Corruption is wrong. It starves the poor. It poisons the system. It saps the faith of people in progress. It wrecks […]

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On the many ways to be poor

As I write about a just and sustainable economy, one of the enduring problems is our limited definition of wealth. We tend of think of it almost invariably in monetary terms, drawing up ‘Rich Lists*’ and calculating GDP, measuring the success of individuals and the progress of nations through the blunt instrument of financial increase. […]

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Global wealth inequality

I came across Change the Rules this week, a campaigning network looking at the causes of inequality. If you’re a regular reader of blogs like this one, the facts in this video won’t be new to you, but they’re well presented. At their extremes, the inequalities of global wealth are eye watering. As always, some […]

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MDG : IF campaign against hunger and enough food for everyone

Enough food for everyone, if…

This week sees the launch of ‘If‘, a big new campaign on hunger. It’s going to be one of the big campaigns of the year, as a couple of hundred organisations are involved. It will target the G8 meeting in Britain later this year to try and raise the simple point that there is enough […]

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