It would be impossible to feature every relevant event happening around the world, so this events page is unapologetically biased towards my own context, featuring Luton, London and UK events predominantly.

If you’ve got a relevant event you’d like me to add, leave the details in the comments below or email me at jeremy (at)

2 Comments on “Events”

  1. Athena Marie Xoufarides January 30, 2012 at 2:33 pm #

    Dear Sir,
    My name is Athena Marie Xoufaride, and currently a student at Birmingham University, I am doing a project on recycling from Domestic and Industrial waste, also reclemation of landfill sites. I am currently installing a Water Feature, Instillation, at ‘Tarmac’ Mancetter quarry, Purley chase Lane, Atherstone, Warwickshire. CV7 8ER. The instillation includes, using boulders from the quarry site, and Domestic waste eg Plastic containers, also some industrial waste, eg tin dustbins plus other materials, some which are from around the quarry site, The instillation is on the Jubalee site, which is part of the landfill project, which uses only industrial waste from their quarry site. The instillation will be public interactive, where-by they will have to use a bike, which has been modified to take an ordinary pump, that has been re-condition to use with the bycyle, or hand pump to generate the power needed to pump water from it’s original pond source, that has been made by scooping out the earth, which is then re-used via landscaping the local .
    area surrounding the Water Feature Instillation, which will form part of the ‘quarry man’s walk, which is part of the Arden trail, that takes in the local countryside, via Hartshill hHaze Haze , county park, being the highest point in Warwickshire.
    If you would like any further information/photo images then pleas contact me on 01676549249 or mobile 07799437791. The instillation will be finished around the mid/end of Feb 2012, as part of my exam finals.
    would it be possable for you to send me any further information regarding landfill sites, both Domestic and Industrial, chemical sites that are being used now or being re-opened to take out old recycables eg tin, plastic, anything that can be recycled, as the Earth’s Natural Resources’s are in depleting

  2. Athena Marie Xoufarides January 30, 2012 at 2:52 pm #

    continuation …. as the Earth’s Natural Resources are depleting fast, due to mankinds impact upon the enviroment. My Instillation hopfully will engage with the public, bringing to their attention, ‘That recyling play’s a huge part in conservation of the planet’s resources.
    There will be an open day on site, which if you interested in attending then please contact me on my home/mobile number. Home.. 01676549249…mob..07799437791, between 10.30am – 8pm Mon- Sat. My home address: 6 Eastlang Road, Fillongley, Coventry, CV7 8ER.
    My email is….Please send me any further relevant information regarding Landfill sites/ reclemation,
    I would be extremley gratefull in your response to my idea for the Water Feature Instillation, also if you would like to attended the open day, then I will gladley supply you with the relevant details and directions to the site.
    Thank You
    Yours sincerley
    Miss Athena Xoufarides.

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