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hovis cricket loaf

How to get people to eat insects

The bravest man in history was the first to try a raw oyster, according to the minstrel in the Wizard of Id. Plenty of other foods are similarly weird, or must have been at some point. Not so very long ago, raw fish would have been frowned upon in British society. Sushi restaurants have normalised […]

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simpler way

A Simpler Way – the documentary

A couple of years ago I read and reviewed Samuel Alexander’s book Entropia, a work of speculative fiction about a utopian sustainable society. At the end of the book, Alexander added an invitation – if anyone wanted to help set up a little eco-village and try out some of the book’s ideas, they should get […]

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rise and fall of nations

The Rise and Fall of Nations, by Ruchir Sharma

Ruchir Sharma is Head of Emerging Markets and Chief Global Strategist at Morgan Stanley. His job is to watch global trends, looking for sound investments – which countries are growing or likely to grow in the short term, and which ones are on the verge of decline? When is growth sound and sustainable, and when […]

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A note on advertising

Just a personal note today – for the last few years I’ve had a three day a week day job that has allowed me to pursue my writing and campaigning. I decided to give that up earlier this year in order to write full time. That’s going well so far, and I have some great […]

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UK closes the Department for Energy and Climate Change

Eight years ago, Britain created the Department for Energy and Climate Change. It wasn’t the first country to have a climate change department. That was Australia in 2007. But it was the first to put climate change and energy together, acknowledging that they couldn’t be separated. I wrote about it at the time on the […]

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pile of clothes

Would you lease a pair of jeans?

One of the central concepts of the circular economy is that leasing products may be more sustainable than owning them. By leasing their products, companies can keep control of the materials and ensure they are reused at the end of the product’s life cycle, rather than being thrown away. And for customers, it guarantees that […]

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Britain’s population growth dilemma

Britain faces a bit of a conundrum at the moment. Actually it faces several, as you may have noticed, but there’s one that I don’t think has been articulated very often. That’s the problem of population, and its connection to the health of the economy. There are many things that governments do to try and […]

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What we learned this week

What it looks like if you map all the world’s migration in an animated graphic. The long mooted helium shortage has been postponed a few decades after a discovery of huge reserves in Tanzania. An update on New York’s ambitious climate change adaptation infrastructure, which I wrote about here before. In September some of Britain’s […]

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You are welcome

Something a little different today. This time two weeks ago, the result of Britain’s EU referendum was announced, and that we would be leaving the union. Within hours there were reports of people being harassed in the street and told to ‘go home’, racist graffiti, and general anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim sentiment. How much of this was […]

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Can you wash clothes without water?

Hanging out the washing again the other day, I found myself wondering what happened to those waterless washing machines I wrote about a couple of years ago. Did they go into production? Did any of them catch on? Is there one I can afford? If you remember, there have been at least three different versions […]

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