Conspiracy of Freedom

“We are consumers, no doubt. But does it have to shape our lives, fragment our communities and damage our world? What if we could resist the pressures of consumerism? What if we could live more simply, sustainably, generously?”

Conspiracy of Freedom is a Christian response to consumerism from the Breathe Network, one of the other projects I’m involved in. We ran a series of events over the summer in churches around the UK, and wrote and commissioned a series of animations. This one’s on growth and that elusive concept ‘enough’. I will post the others over the coming weeks.

For more information visit the Conspiracy of Freedom minisite.


4 Comments on “Conspiracy of Freedom”

  1. Homemadelife October 9, 2010 at 12:24 pm #

    You may be interested in the Homemade Life, a forum aimed at promoting voluntary sinmplicity


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