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The not-for-profit world – speaking tour

How On EarthDonnie Maclurcan is a man with a fascinating idea – that not-for-profit business models are inherently more competitive than for-profit businesses, and will be at the heart of the global economy by 2050. And in the process, that global economy will become more sustainable, and more fair.

It’s a relatively new idea, and Donnie’s book How on Earth, co-authored with Postgrowth Institute colleague Jen Hinton, should give us a good introduction. But if you want to hear more about it in person, Donnie’s in Britain over the next few days on a speaking tour.

Event Schedule

Friday 12th September, London: Another World is Happening: the Rise of Not-for-Profit Enterprise, 6 – 8pm, Impact Hub Islington.

Saturday 13th September, London: The Future of Business, Social Saturday Breakfast Presentation, 11am – 12pm, Impact Hub Westminster.

Sunday 14th September, Bristol: Is there Justice in Technology? (panel), Small Is Festival, 12:30 – 1:45pm.

Monday 15th September, Bristol: Free Money Day

Tuesday 16th September, Bristol: A Not-for-Profit Global Economy by 2050?, Schumacher Institute for Sustainable Systems, 6 – 8pm, Armada House.

Wednesday 17th September, Totnes: The Economics of Enough, Transition Towns Totnes Adventures in New Economics Series, School Hall, Mansion House, 7:30pm.

Thursday 18th September, Brighton: Is The Post-Growth Economy Already Here? Sussex Development Lectures, Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex, 5 – 7pm (livestreamed here).

Friday 19th September, London: The University of Chicago Booth – London (TBC)

Sunday 21st September, London: Where Sustainable Design Meets Business Sustainability, Tent London Super Talks, 12:30 – 1:15pm.

Sunday 21st September, Norwich: What Comes After Capitalism?, Green House Think Tank, Park House, 5:30 – 7pm.

Monday 22nd September, Leeds: How on Earth? Flourishing in a Not-for-Profit World, CASSE – Yorkshire Chapter, 6 – 7:30pm.

Friday 26th September, Inverness: Is a More Charitable World Inevitable? Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations, 2 – 3:30pm.

Saturday 27th – Saturday 24th September, Findhorn: New Story Summit

Monday 6th October, London: The Not-for-Profit World Our Hearts Know is Possible, Education for Sustainability Discussion evening, London South Bank University, 5-7pm.

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  1. Happily, competition will show if he is correct. Provided of course people like the Social Economy Alliance aren’t allowed to rig the playing field.

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