From mines to turbines

Here’s an inspiring new campaign from 10:10, who tell the story of how a former mining town is now rallying around community energy. But the rules currently restrict local communities from fully benefiting from the energy projects that they fund and install.

As a new government comes in, we have an opportunity to update the energy market rules to encourage community energy. In particular, communities should have the right to buy and use their own power, rather than having to sell it into the grid. At present, it is essentially illegal for people to take responsibility for their own energy supply, which seems a little daft. There’s a petition to sign here, calling on the next government to lift this obstacle to democratic energy.

Here’s a little video explaining the problem:


  1. Wha about pressing for schools to be allowed to borrow money to instal solar panels, which the present government has made illegal?

    Eileen Noakes

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