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How the Refill app is cutting plastic use

I don’t know about you, but I’ve noticed a distinct uptick in the amount of attention plastic waste is getting. We’ve known about ocean plastics and recycling for years, but it suddenly seems to be on the agenda. I overhear conversations on bottle deposits or microbeads. A growing number of businesses are getting involved, from […]

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Where are your ten trees?

I was writing up some details about Wangari Maathai’s life this week, for a talk that I’m preparing. If you’re not familiar with Maathai, she was a formidable Kenyan woman who set up the Green Belt Movement of community tree planters. The organisation has planted 50 million trees since its founding in the late 7os, […]

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#dailyclimatedenial and the invisibility of climate change

In 2012 Laura Bates started the Everyday Sexism Project, a website where women could report incidences of sexism they had experienced in their everyday lives. It was a way of highlighting the issue at its most subtle, in our little interactions around the workplace and in public life. We know sexism, or racism too for […]

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How do we call for a better Brexit?

Earlier this week I wrote about the need for a national conversation on Britain’s future, and how we shouldn’t leave it to a small group of politicians to define Britain’s place in the world for us and our children. What I didn’t do is say how we could create such a conversation. That was remiss […]

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Sound System – the political power of music, by Dave Randall

At some point this evening the election results will be announced, and our Prime Minister will come out to do a victory speech. If previous occasions are anything to go by there will be balloons and cheering supporters, and a popular song will be ruined for everybody. A politician will give into the temptation to […]

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Let’s save Britain’s lost cycle path network

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how London once had the beginnings of an electric taxi fleet, which was then lost for 120 years. Here’s another lost sustainable transport initiative that could still be recovered: Britain’s 1930s cycle path network. Beginning in 1934, the Ministry of Transport began building cycle paths alongside new […]

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Make a difference this week with a green microloan

Climate change affects the poor most of all, even though they are least responsible for greenhouse gas emissions. So when the opportunity arises to do something that benefits the climate and the poorest, those are opportunities we should take. In the run-up to Earth Day this weekend, are encouraging people to make a climate […]

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Book review: The Struggle for Democracy, by Roger Mason

I have been, of late, rather disappointed in the state of democracy in the English speaking world. I’m frustrated by partisan divides, the way campaigns can lie with impunity, and parties that only support reform that would directly benefit them. When the British government finds itself in court fighting for the right to make major […]

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The Edible Bus Route

I’ve quite enjoyed looking up new technologies over the last few weeks as I write about sustainable transport. There are certainly some striking innovations in the pipeline, and I’ve got more of them to feature in due course. But we do have plenty of sustainable forms of transport already – buses, trams, cycling, or as […]

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Will the courts stop arms sales to Saudi Arabia?

In recent weeks we’ve seen the British government told by the courts to let Parliament vote on the process of leaving the EU – something that should have been obvious in a parliamentary democracy. This week they have been court over another issue that ought to be obvious: arms sales to Saudi Arabia. Under the […]

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