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Something a little different today. This time two weeks ago, the result of Britain’s EU referendum was announced, and that we would be leaving the union. Within hours there were reports of people being harassed in the street and told to ‘go home’, racist graffiti, and general anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim sentiment. How much of this was […]

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What’s the most good you can do?

A growing number of the world’s richest people are pledging to give away their fortunes, with some of them able to aim game-changing quantities of money at pressing global problems. But what about the rest of us? How much of a difference could our own giving make? Benjamin Todd has a theory, which he has […]

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m-power shop microgrid

Kiva celebrates ten years

I’m a big fan of Kiva, the peer-to-peer micro-lending platform, which is marking ten years since its founding. Kiva’s innovation was to bring two major trends together into one – crowd-funding and microfinance. Their website allows ordinary people to chip in towards a small business loan for an entrepreneur in a low income country. Since […]

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Can you help to pilot the basic income?

I write about the basic income (or citizen’s income) from time to time on this blog. It’s an idea that is being discussed quite seriously in a number of places at the moment, but we’re a long way from seeing it implemented in Britain. You can support the idea elsewhere, however. If you’re an advocate […]

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Edward Loure TZ

Safeguarding tribal lands in Tanzania

Land-grabbing is one of humanity’s most ancient sins. It occurs when land that previously belonged to everyone or no-one is put into private hands, and it’s a recurring them through history. Britain had the worst of it during the run of Enclosure Acts that accompanied the Industrial Revolution, driving people off the land and into […]

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eco church

Two ways to engage your church in climate action

Over the last few years there has been a growing engagement with climate change in church circles, including the Pope’s intervention and the church getting involved in divestment. 2016 has started strongly too, with two initiatives looking to mobilise UK churches in climate action. The first is Eco Church, which is an award scheme for […]

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Communicating the climate visually

A few years ago I ran a short series on communicating environmental issues visually, looking for original ideas. We all know the cliches – polar bears, melting ice, the earth from space. These images aren’t good enough. They are distant, abstract, and unengaging. They don’t suggest that climate change has anything to do with us, […]

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Nozzle warnings

Warning: this product causes climate change

Until very recently, Canada’s record on climate change was pretty shameful, compromised by the siren call of the tar sands. That’s changed rapidly with the election of Justin Trudeau, and Canada surprised the climate talks by coming out in favour of a 1.5 degrees warming target this week. Behind the scenes though, Canada’s regions and […]

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climate march

Why I’m joining the climate march on Sunday

Tomorrow I was due to board the Eurostar to Paris for the climate march, in the company of friends and supporters of Tearfund. That’s not going to happen now, after recent events in Paris and the ongoing state of emergency. But I’ll tell you why I was going, and why I’ll be joining the march […]

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utah tar sands

The significance of the Keystone XL victory

Because the Keystone XL pipeline is an American issue, we haven’t heard much about it here in the UK, and certainly haven’t had the opportunity to join in the protests in the same way. So it’s easy to miss just how significant the whole affair has been, in building the US climate movement, and in […]

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