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The World After GDP, by Lorenzo Fioramonti

The book that I have been writing with Katherine Trebeck has been out for expert review recently. One of the people who has read it is Lorenzo Fioramonti, a professor of political economy and an expert in GDP and its limitations. Our draft was returned to us with lots of helpful comments and several notes […]

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Book review: Just Conservation, by Adrian Martin

When the first conservation efforts were undertaken, it was often to create reserves that restricted or even banned access for local people. Then over the decades a new focus emerged that held development and conservation as twin goals, and local people were included and consulted. In the neoliberal 90s new market-based approaches to conservation took […]

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Inheritors of the Earth, by Chris D Thomas

We are in the middle of the 6th great extinction event in the planet’s history, according to biologists and conservation agencies. It was in the news again last week, thanks to a new report that uses headline-grabbing phrases like ‘assaults on biodiversity’ and ‘biological annihilation’. And let’s not beat about the bush – we’ve seen […]

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Sound System – the political power of music, by Dave Randall

At some point this evening the election results will be announced, and our Prime Minister will come out to do a victory speech. If previous occasions are anything to go by there will be balloons and cheering supporters, and a popular song will be ruined for everybody. A politician will give into the temptation to […]

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Seven years to save the planet – did we do it?

While I was going through some books recently, trying to clear some space on the shelves. Among those on the clear-out list is Bill McGuire’s climate change Q+A book Seven Years to Save the Planet. A lot has changed since it was published in 2008, so it can’t serve as a reference. And it’s not […]

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Prosperity without growth – foundations for the economy of tomorrow

One of the books I recommend most often on this blog and elsewhere is Tim Jackson’s Prosperity Without Growth. It came out in 2009 and introduced a whole new audience to the dilemma of economic growth on a finite planet. If you haven’t read it yet, now’s a good time, because a new edition has […]

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Basic Income: and how we can make it happen, by Guy Standing

I forget where it was that I first came across the Basic Income, but it seemed obscure at the time. There was almost no debate about it in mainstream media outlets. The idea has a rich history and it clearly had supporters, but the organisations campaigning for it had websites that looked niche and out […]

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Doughnut Economics, by Kate Raworth

You may remember the doughnut, an innovative framing of social and environmental challenges that I’ve written about a number of times over the last few years. It’s the brainchild of Kate Raworth, who saw that if the planetary boundaries form a kind of upper limit that we shouldn’t exceed, there’s also a social foundation that […]

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Five business responses to the environment

This week I’ve been reading Doughnut Economics, by Kate Raworth. It’s a fine piece of work which I shall review shortly, but today I wanted to pass on something that I found useful. In a chapter on regenerative business and the circular economy, Kate describes five different responses that businesses might have to the environment […]

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Book review: People Power, by Dan Jellinek

I picked up People Power: A User’s Guide to Democracy from the library recently. It promises to explain “how democracy in the UK works, in the hope that if we understand it better, we can help make it work better”. The next day the general election was announced, so it feels like a good time […]

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