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prisoners of geography

Book review: Prisoners of Geography, by Tim Marshall

Geography has always shaped politics, determining where borders fall, where empires expand and where their ambitions stop. Perhaps it was more obvious in the past, and one might think that it is less important in an age of global connections, the internet and drone warfare. But here is journalist and author Tim Marshall to explain […]

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Book review: The Switch, by Chris Goodall

The Switch: How solar, storage and new tech means cheap power for all is the optimistic title of Chris Goodall‘s latest book. If you haven’t come across Goodall before, he’s one of the most astute energy writers and commentators out there, and always worth hearing. The Switch is his latest book, and it’s all about […]

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rise and fall of nations

The Rise and Fall of Nations, by Ruchir Sharma

Ruchir Sharma is Head of Emerging Markets and Chief Global Strategist at Morgan Stanley. His job is to watch global trends, looking for sound investments – which countries are growing or likely to grow in the short term, and which ones are on the verge of decline? When is growth sound and sustainable, and when […]

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A note on advertising

Just a personal note today – for the last few years I’ve had a three day a week day job that has allowed me to pursue my writing and campaigning. I decided to give that up earlier this year in order to write full time. That’s going well so far, and I have some great […]

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a future beyond growth

Book review: A future beyond growth

Month by month, the detail around the idea of an economy on the other side of growth is being filled out. There are conferences, papers, books, all filling out the picture of how it might work and how we get there. The idea of a postgrowth economy isn’t new, but in the last decade or […]

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Being a Beast, by Charles Foster

We share the world with a huge variety of creatures, familiar and unfamiliar. And every one of them “creates a world in its own brain.” The world that we see and experience is not the same one that birds, bees, or buffalo see. Their perspective, their sensory capabilities, their instincts and evolutionary priorities, all present […]

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reimagining climate change

Book review: Re-imagining climate change

Our responses to climate change have become routine and institutionalized, according to the editors of Re-Imagining Climate Change. We have certain ways of thinking about it, with firm boundaries around what solutions can be considered and which ones can’t. Mostly, we like the solutions that are technical and fit neatly within our existing economic system […]

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escape everything

Escape Everything, by Robert Wringham

This is a book I’ve been looking forward to reading for some time, as I supported it in advance on Unbound. Robert Wringham is a writer, performer, and editor of the New Escapologist. His advocates a free and simpler lifestyle, and his book is all about escaping from work, consumerism, and despair. Why would you […]

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the solar revolutionjpg

The Solar Revolution, by Steve McKevitt and Tony Ryan

This is a slightly odd book. On the back it says: “The Solar Revolution tells the story of how scientists are working to reconnect us to the ‘solar economy’, harnessing the power of the sun to provide food and energy for a population of 10 billion.” I bought the book on the basis of that […]

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don't even think about it

My books of 2015

At the end of the year I enjoy looking back at what I’ve read in the last twelve months and seeing what’s stuck with me. It’s a way of reviewing what I’ve learned, and an opportunity to thank the authors. With a ‘to-read’ list as long as I am tall, it’s also a good way […]

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