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Restoring the grasslands with sustainable business

Yesterday I wrote about five business responses to the environment, and how the most ambitious businesses take my mum’s advice and try to leave things better than they found them. Here’s an example of that. The Great Plains cover a huge section of the American continent, and were traditionally covered with grasslands. These grasslands relied […]

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Five business responses to the environment

This week I’ve been reading Doughnut Economics, by Kate Raworth. It’s a fine piece of work which I shall review shortly, but today I wanted to pass on something that I found useful. In a chapter on regenerative business and the circular economy, Kate describes five different responses that businesses might have to the environment […]

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Cassava plastic – good enough to eat?

When I was reading about ocean plastic recently, it was interesting to learn where it comes from. The biggest sources of plastic waste aren’t advanced consumer economies, but middle income countries where consumer goods are widely available, but waste processing systems aren’t yet in place. All sorts of waste is being generated in packaging, but […]

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The world’s first mall for recycled goods

Last week I wrote about the Edinburgh Remakery, and how they are trying to foster a culture of repair. It’s one of the most shared posts I’ve ever written, and there’s clearly a real interest in this whole idea. Lots of you have been in touch to share similar projects, including this one from Sweden. […]

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Every town needs a remakery

The Edinburgh Remakery is a social enterprise that teaches repair. The shop sells refurbished computers and furniture, and hosts workshops where people can come along and learn how to repair their own things. There’s a big vision behind it: “we want to generate a repair revolution. This means changing the way people use and dispose […]

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Building of the week: the Clif Bar bakery

You may be familiar with the Clif Bar, a cereal bar that markets itself to outdoor enthusiasts. I don’t come across them very often in the UK, but I look out for them. They’re one of those companies with a solid ethical culture, committed to going the extra mile for people and planet. They use […]

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How Islabikes are embracing the circular economy

Islabikes is a British company that specialises in children’s bikes. Their USP is that they go the extra mile in designing bikes for the particular needs of smaller riders. Their bikes are notably lighter than their competitors, and every part has been appropriately scaled down – no regular sized brake levers or chains used to […]

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Modern Meadow’s animal-free leather

Biotechnology is still a scary word in some environmental circles, but there is quiet revolution going at the moment that may well change the connotations that the word conjures up. It’s coming of age and being applied in a whole variety of new ways. In previous posts I’ve mentioned meat without animals, milk without cows, […]

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Is the world ready for a music streaming co-op?

Among the various personal interests that I don’t write about on the blog is music. I dabbled in music journalism during and shortly after my student years, traveling round the Midlands to review gigs and interview bands. I particularly enjoy discovering new music. Nowadays that mainly happens online, and mostly on Spotify. I always resisted […]

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The spider silk jacket from North Face

Outdoor brands are often some of the most progressive, presumably because their founders are outdoor people with a love and respect for nature. Patagonia is one of the most environmentally enlightened companies you could hope to encounter, and North Face also has high credentials. It was founded by businessman, conservationist and activist Doug Tompkins, who […]

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