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The Japanese House

Japan was devastated by the Second World War. Over four million houses were destroyed, and after the war there was a major rebuilding effort. With so many homes needed as quickly as possible, there was a lot of experimentation with modular buildings, prefabrication, and new materials. There was also a revolution in style. Traditional Japanese […]

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Talk: What makes a good life?

This isn’t the sort of thing I normally post, but a couple of weeks ago I was asked to contribute a lecture to a new series that’s running in London. It’s called LDN talks @ Night and it aims to get Londoners out to hear something a little different after work. Other speakers are talking […]

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Vote for me in the UK Blog Awards

This time last year a host of you voted for Make Wealth History in the UK Blog Awards, and I took home the award for the Green and Eco category. Here’s a picture of me looking awkward in a large room full of well dressed people. I wasn’t planning to enter this year, but so […]

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Energy Saving Convention 2016

A note for your diary if you’re in the Midlands area – the Energy Saving Convention 2016 takes place on Thursday the 24th of November at the iCentrum in Birmingham. Organised by the University of Wolverhampton and Climate KIC, the focus of the day is on smart and sustainable energy use in buildings. Speakers include […]

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And the winner is…

Thank you all for your votes and support. I won the Green and Eco category this year at the UK Blog Awards.

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Vote for me in the UK blog awards

I’ve not bothered with these before as they didn’t have an appropriate category, but the UK Blog Awards added ‘green and eco’ this year and I thought it was worth a punt. You don’t win anything more than a chunk of glass in the shape of a mouse pointer, but it would be good publicity […]

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Where is effective altruism going?

One of the interesting emerging movements that I have my eye on at the moment is Effective Altruism (EA for short). This is a new form of philanthropy that looks to do the most good possible. Effective altruists give as much of their income as they can, and they think carefully about how they give […]

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Can Formula E offer sustainable motorsport?

This weekend London hosts a new sporting event, and there are billboards and bus adverts up for it – the finale of the inaugural Formula E series. The last races of the season will take place in Battersea Park. Formula E is the FIA’s foray into electric car racing, and from a purely sporting perspective, […]

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The Great Seed Festival

This week I got an email from the organisers of The Great Seed Festival. I like the idea of celebrating something overlooked, and I’ve never heard of an event quite like it, so I’m going to give it a guest post: Our entire lives depend on seed. Almost all of the food we eat starts […]

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The not-for-profit world – speaking tour

Donnie Maclurcan is a man with a fascinating idea – that not-for-profit business models are inherently more competitive than for-profit businesses, and will be at the heart of the global economy by 2050. And in the process, that global economy will become more sustainable, and more fair. It’s a relatively new idea, and Donnie’s book […]

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