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Tasting notes: Chirps Chips

Six Foods – because six legs are better than four – are one of the more high profile start-ups in the insect food world. Their charismatic founders did a roaring trade on Kickstarter, and then appeared on Shark Tank (the US version of Dragon’s Den). They’re a fun and likeable company, and I think that […]

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Tasting notes: insect falafels

There’s no shortage of snack bars on the market, but more unusual insect foods take a little tracking down. That’s something I’ve learned over the last few weeks. There’s no online store for insect foods, no central hub. Insect ingredients are still hard to source at scale, and most companies aren’t shipping through mainstream retailers […]

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Stopping harvest loss with the Gleaning Network

The other day a great image popped up in my Instagram feed. It showed a small crowd of volunteers standing in front of five tonnes of sweetcorn that had been gathered by the Gleaning Network. This is corn that would have been ploughed back into the field, as it was surplus to requirements. This is […]

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Tasting notes: buffalo worm pasta from Jimini’s

As I explore insect foods this summer, one of the things I’m discovering is the sheer number of start-up companies entering the market. There are dozens, many of them run by enthusiasts who have understood the environmental and nutritional benefits of eating insects, and really want to communicate that to others. It’s a vibrant field, […]

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Tasting notes: chapuline salts

As I’ve been investigating insect foods over the summer, one thing is strikingly obvious – squeamishness about insects is a uniquely Western phenomenon. 80% of the world already eats insects in one form or another. Insect protein already is feeding the world, and an estimated 2 billion people eat them regularly. So really, it’s just […]

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Tasting notes: Bugsolutely cricket pasta

“The edible insect revolution is served” say Bugsolutely, and in week two in my series on insect based foods, I’m serving up their pasta. There are a couple of different cricket pastas on the market, but Bugsolutely were the first and I wanted to try it. The company are based in Thailand and it’s not […]

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Tasting notes: Sens energy bars with cricket flour

Yesterday I wrote about my plans to try some insect based foods over the summer. If your first reaction was ‘never!’, then you are not alone. That’s what most readers will have thought, I expect. But insects are not going to enter the Western diet as insects. If it looks like a bug, there’s a […]

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Let’s eat some insects!

When I was at primary school in Madagascar, I had a game that I played with a friend of mine in the playground. We’d get thin canes, about six feet long, and go out into the long grass to look for grasshoppers. You couldn’t get close to them or they’d fly away, but if you […]

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Agricool’s strawberries in the city

Agricool is a French start-up that has developed an intensive farming technique for growing food inside old shipping containers. They can produce a crop 120 times larger than what you could grow on a patch of land of the same size, with 90% less water and no pesticides, and with 100% renewable energy. Since a […]

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Celebrating Tanzania’s food heroes

In Britain, millions of people tuned in to the X Factor last year, or followed along with the Great British Bake Off. Meanwhile, over in Tanzania, people were turning on their TVs to catch Mama Shujaa wa Chakula. It’s a TV talent contest that celebrates women farmers, and pits 16 contestants against each other in […]

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