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Who wrote this?

As I was doing some research for my talk on happiness and wellbeing this week (which went well, thanks) I came across this nice little summary of one of my points. I won’t tell you who wrote it. Have a read, and see if you can guess who this is for yourself. For the past […]

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Global inequality is an opportunity too

It’s 2016, and after decades of growth, the global economy stands at over $70 trillion. If that was divided evenly and distributed to every working person in the world, you’d get an income just short of $32,000. But of course that’s not how it works. In reality, half the world’s population gets by on less […]

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Why the Zuckerbergs need to be more boring

A couple of years ago I wrote about the Gates’ Foundation competition to reinvent the toilet. The aim was to find an innovative design that would leapfrog 2.5 billion people past the classic flush toilet to something better suited to the 21st century – something affordable that could work without a sewer system. The winner […]

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Impact investment for rural enterprises

There’s a bit of an investment gap when it comes to business in developing countries. Big projects can access capital because they can get attention from overseas investors, call on government support, or work with international institutions. At the opposite end of the scale, tiny cottage industries can draw funding because they can turn to […]

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Wealth, greatness, and Donald Trump

Yesterday I read what is probably the most extraordinary thing I’ve ever heard from the mouth of someone running for office. No prizes for guessing who was speaking. Yes, of course it’s Donald Trump. “My whole life has been money. I want money, I want money. Greed. I was greedy, I want more money, more […]

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Finland plans a citizen’s income

For decades people have been discussing the citizen’s income – a guaranteed minimum income paid by the state to every citizen, with no strings attached, and replacing much of the welfare system. In Britain it was most recently raised as a Green Party policy, but it’s one of those rare ideas that has been championed […]

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The global wealth pyramid

Credit Suisse have released their latest edition of the Global Wealth Report, which they describe as “a comprehensive portrait of global wealth”. It’s a fascinating document, and there are a number of facts or graphs worth highlighting. For now, I’ll stick with this one, the global wealth pyramid. At the top, 0.7% of the population […]

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It’s Free Money Day

On this day seven years ago, Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy, precipitating a global financial crisis. So it’s a fitting day to hold an annual antidote to the rampant greed that caused the crash. On Free Money Day, people go out in the streets and give away their own money to strangers. It’s no doubt […]

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Giving it all away

This weekend Tim Cook announced that he would be giving away his fortune. As the head of Apple, that’s a lot to give away, but he’s not the first extremely wealthy individual to make that choice. A few years ago Warren Buffett declared that he planned to give away 99% of his wealth, and he […]

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The taxing question of land

As someone who is interested in the Land Value Tax, I’m surprised that I haven’t come across this before, but The Taxing Question of Land is a project to raise the profile of land in the tax system. There’s a website and the video below. It’s surprisingly in depth for an online video, and it […]

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