I get through a lot of books, and my reading material inspires most of my blog posts. You can read the latest reviews here, or here are some recommendations.

Climate change:



  • Bad Samaritans by Ha-Joon Chang challenges conventional wisdom on development.
  • The Bottom Billion by Paul Collier looks at why the poorest countries are trapped in poverty.
  • From Poverty to Power by Duncan Green calls for a redistribution of power as well as rising incomes.


  • Money Matters, by David Boyle. If you don’t get economics, read this first.
  • The New Economics, David Boyle and Andrew Simms introduce the field of sustainable economics.
  • Prosperity Without Growth. Tim Jackson dismantles growth economics.
  • Freefall, by Joseph Stiglitz. The best explanation of the recent financial crisis that I’ve read so far.


  • The Spirit Level. Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett’s hugely important book on why inequality matters.
  • A Good Childhood (also see Happiness), by Richard Layard, on what our economic priorities should be.
  • Good Work by E F Schumacher is full of great ideas and sparkles with compassion and humanity.


  • The Diversity of Life is E O Wilson’s celebration of life on earth.
  • Seasick, by Alanna Mitchell explores the crisis in the world’s oceans.



  • Planetwise, by Dave Bookless put a Christian faith perspective on the climate debate.
  • Soil and Soul by Alistair McIntosh is a unique combination of politics, theology and poetry.


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