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Why have I never heard of the Ene-Farm?

While reading up on architecture in Japan recently, I came across a technology that I hadn’t heard of before: the Ene-Farm. It’s a domestic energy system that is being used in Japan and so far doesn’t seem to be available elsewhere, and it makes me curious. What is it, and why doesn’t anyone know about […]

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The Japanese House

Japan was devastated by the Second World War. Over four million houses were destroyed, and after the war there was a major rebuilding effort. With so many homes needed as quickly as possible, there was a lot of experimentation with modular buildings, prefabrication, and new materials. There was also a revolution in style. Traditional Japanese […]

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Japan: stagnation or maturity?

A couple of years ago I wrote about how Japan might be the world’s first truly post-growth country. That could be a good thing as far as I’m concerned, though the rise of Abenomics since then suggests the majority of Japanese don’t yet agree. I’ve had my eye on the situation though, waiting to see […]

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Japan’s post-Fukushima energy descent

Something rather remarkable has happened in Japan in the last year. As we all know, Japan’s East coast was hit by a devastating tsunami in March 2011. Several towns and cities were inundated, over 15,000 people died, and the world looked on as the news story morphed from earthquake to nuclear meltdown at Fukushima. The […]

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Earthquake, tsunami, nuclear disaster, speculators

Japan is in the grip of the worst natural disaster in its living memory. Thousands of people have lost their homes, and remain without food and water. In the longer term, the reconstruction costs will run into billions. And yet, Japan’s already heavily indebted government has shelled out over £200 billion this week to prop […]

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Japan: the world’s first post-growth economy

One of the problems with post-growth economics is that it can appear theoretical and untried. But what if we did actually have a working example of a post-growth society, albeit an accidental one?

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Japan gets serious on climate change

Some good news from Japan yesterday. Just weeks after Japan rolled out the weakest CO2 targets of any developed country, the new prime minister has declared a much more ambitious new set of commitments. The previous goal was to reduce CO2 emissions by 15% by 2020, from a 2005 baseline. The new target, announced by […]

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China and Japan: two countries, two directions

This week has seen climate change developments from both China and Japan. One of them is progressive and forward thinking, the other is unambitious and tokenistic. Would you know which one is which? For all its bad press, China has actually been surprisingly active on the climate change front. China’s environment is on the verge […]

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