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Why have I never heard of the Ene-Farm?

While reading up on architecture in Japan recently, I came across a technology that I hadn’t heard of before: the Ene-Farm. It’s a domestic energy system that is being used in Japan and so far doesn’t seem to be available elsewhere, and it makes me curious. What is it, and why doesn’t anyone know about […]

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Hybrid solar panels for electricity and heat

I’ve written in the past about passive solar heat, such as Trombe walls, solar furnaces or solar heating walls. The idea is more familiar is solar hot water systems. But did you know that solar heat and solar electricity can be combined? Hybrid solar panels have been on the market for a while, but the […]

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The importance of green gas

If we take a look at where energy is used in the home, the biggest slice of the pie goes to heating. The second is hot water. Renewable sources of electricity may be proliferating, but renewable heat is the next big challenge. Until we can decarbonise heating, we won’t be able to reduce household emissions […]

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How Ecotricity is pioneering green gas

The clean energy revolution is dominated by electricity generation and the switch to renewable sources. Renewable heat gets far less attention, and that’s a big problem in Northern countries. In Britain we use more energy heating our homes than we use on anything else. It’s the next big challenge for the transition to a low […]

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Off grid solar heating

I’ve been looking at renewable heat recently, the next priority after decarbonising our electricity supply. There are all sorts of ideas for district heating or hybrid systems out there, but the most inspiring idea I’ve come across so far is the off grid solar furnace. It’s been perfected by a renewable energy pioneer called Henry […]

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Planning for renewable heat

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been looking at renewable heat, which seems to me to be a rather overlooked aspect of green energy. We’ve looked at why it matters, and some of the sources of renewable heat. This week I thought I’d focus on how we might begin to strategise for a transition, […]

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Three forms of renewable heat

Last week I wrote about the importance of renewable heat, and how heating our houses sustainably receives less attention than renewable electricity, despite being the bigger challenge. If we are to transition beyond fossil fuels, then heating our houses without gas is something of a priority. That means renewable heat, and there are several forms […]

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The importance of renewable heat

When we’re talking about renewable energy, we’re usually talking about renewable forms of electricity generation – solar, wind, and so on. That’s the general impression in the media, and they are certainly the connotations that come to my own mind. In fact, a renewable electricity supply is only one half of the energy transformation, and […]

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Reinventing the cooker

The role of technology is probably the most talked aspect of sustainability. But some technologies get more attention than others. Green tech blogs tend to be dominated by renewable energy, gadgets and electric cars. There are far fewer sites dedicated to the everyday technologies that we depend on – things like washing machines, toilets, or […]

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