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Protecting New York from the sea

As the climate changes, sea levels will rise and weather will become more extreme. That presents a particular risk for coastal cities and low-lying regions. New York got advance warning of that risk with Hurricane Sandy – exactly the kind of storm that will become more likely in a warming world. So New York is […]

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7 principles of resilience

The Transition Towns movement and many others in environmental circles prefer to talk about resilience rather than sustainability. Sustainability implies that you can create something that can last forever, while resilience aims more to handle shock and adapt to changing circumstances. In his book The Power of Just Doing Stuff, Rob Hopkins shares seven principles […]

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How Rotterdam is designing for future floods

As the climate changes, communities across the world will need to adjust to new weather extremes. For some, that will mean building resilience to droughts or heatwaves, or making sure that residents are briefed on what to do in case of hurricanes. For others it will means flood preparedness, investing in flood defences and soakaways. […]

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Spain re-discovers the Peseta, and the healthy diversity of currency

In 2002, Spain introduced the Euro, and the Peseta was slowly phased out. However, the central bank didn’t set a deadline for people to redeem their old currency. If you find a jar of old coins lying around, you can still cash them in for Euros. That means there’s still a lot of money out […]

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How self-sufficient is Britain?

Interesting graph from the Climate Safety website this morning, showing Britain’s declining ability to feed itself. It’s not a disaster as long as we’re able to trade, but it is a clear vulnerability in a world of rising oil prices. We’ve been stung by this vulnerability before, albeit under exceptional circumstances, during the war. In […]

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The ten most resilient and least resilient places in Britain

The BBC is running a story today describing which ten places in Britain are most resilient to the budget cuts, and which are the most vulnerable. The study was run by Experian and measures 33 different resilience variables, such as level of wages and skills, crime, house prices, number of benefit claimants, business startup and […]

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