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France survives the financial transaction tax – so far

This summer, France went ahead and unilaterally launched a financial transaction tax. Sarkozy started it, with plans for a 0.1% levy on the country’s biggest stocks. Hollande doubled it to 0.2%. The reaction from business was predictable. ‘Bets grow on impending French stock market slide’ said one headline. The Spectator explained how “global investors will just […]

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France’s new financial transaction tax

Today sees the introduction of France’s new financial transactions tax. Nicolas Sarkozy laid the groundwork for it and has been a champion of the idea, and new president Francois Hollande has accelerated the proposals through. There have been lots of talks about a Europe-wide FTT. Those talks have failed, usually with Britain putting its foot […]

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Back the Robin Hood Tax at the G20

When I first read about the financial transaction tax, it was a campaign adrift. A proposal had lost in the European parliament by just six votes – the UK being the leading voice against it. That was 2005, and the decade long campaign for the tax appeared to fizzle out. A few years and a […]

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Robin Hoodies

The latest video from the Robin Hood Tax, and idea which seems to be on a roll. If you want to get more involved, tomorrow is a day of action for the campaign, including the invitation to give up 0.005% of your day. Now let’s see if any of the parties are brave enough to […]

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The Robin Hood Tax

It’s an idea that comes around regularly, in various forms, but the Robin Hood Tax is the latest incarnation of a banking transaction tariff. They’ve kicked off a big round of campaigning this month, and here’s their promotional video explaining the idea.

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