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What happened to swappable batteries for electric vehicles?

In 1938 a company called Battery Traction Ltd was set up in Britain. It aimed to speed the advent of electric vehicles by building a network of charging points, and battery stations where you could pull in and swap your depleted battery for a fresh one. The business was overtaken by the Second World War […]

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Transport innovation of the week: hydrogen trains

This is Alstom’s new zero-carbon train, the Coradia iLint. It is powered by hydrogen fuel cell, and designed to replace diesel trains on regional routes. For many rail routes, the path to lower climate emissions lies with electrification and renewable energy. But on smaller routes it won’t be cost effective to electrify, and that’s where […]

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Lower emissions with pay as you go car insurance

Car culture is one of the big obstacles in the transition to a lower carbon future. Dangerous climate change can’t be stopped without breaking the addiction to fossil fuel motoring – but it’s easier said than done. Cars are hugely convenient, many people can’t get by without them, and they’re a real status symbol as […]

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Transport innovation of the week: seaweed biofuels

Despite the threat of climate change, the world still consumes almost 100 million barrels of oil a day. Most of that goes on transport, burned in cars and trucks and planes. There’s no source of renewable liquid fuels that comes anywhere near that scale, and so the most obvious solution for transport has been electrification […]

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Transport innovation of the week: solar trains

Solar power is used on the world’s rail networks in a variety of ways. In Britain we have the solar bridge at Blackfriars, and Belgium has a solar tunnel that feeds into the network. Indian railways are pioneering solar power to run train interiors. So far I’m not aware of anyone directly powering the trains […]

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The Edible Bus Route

I’ve quite enjoyed looking up new technologies over the last few weeks as I write about sustainable transport. There are certainly some striking innovations in the pipeline, and I’ve got more of them to feature in due course. But we do have plenty of sustainable forms of transport already – buses, trams, cycling, or as […]

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The final mile problem

The ‘last mile’ is a well known problem in transport. It refers to the distance from people’s homes to the bus stop or train station. Or it could be at the other end, the distance from the train station to the office. It’s the beginning or end of a journey, the distance to or from […]

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Transport innovation of the week: bike lifts

I was in Edinburgh last week, and was browsing The Scotsman while I waited for a train. This article on cycle paths caught my eye. The government and Sustrans are running a competition, with five different cycle path proposals bidding for funding. One of them will run from the Meadows area of the city up […]

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How Norway is leading the shift to electric cars

According to figures out last week, 37% of new cars bought in Norway in January were electric. That’s the highest rate of EV adoption anywhere – for comparison, Britain is at 4%. That’s new cars sold, bear in mind. In terms of actual cars on the road we’re still only talking about 5% electric cars, […]

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Addis Ababa’s light rail

A couple of years ago there was a viral video doing the rounds that showed a traffic junction in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Several lanes of traffic converge with no traffic lights, and then negotiate their way as best they can. It’s presented as comedy, but it’s hard not to wince at the danger, especially when […]

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